Environmental Benefits

Read About The Benefits Of Real Christmas Trees & Tree Farms

Real Trees Are A Crop Grown On Land That Is Usually Unsuitable For Other Purposes.

Real Tree Farms:

– Provide Wildlife Habitat
– Prevent Soil Erosion and Runoff
– Temper Winds
– Suppress Loud Noises
– Collect Dust
– Moderate Temperature
– Dissipate Odors

Most importantly, real trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen! Real trees used for retail Christmas trees are quickly biodegradable and seedlings are planted in the place of each tree harvested. The scent of real Christmas trees also adds to the festive atmosphere of the Holidays.

Artificial trees are made of plastic (a petroleum product) and metal. Petroleum is a limited natural resource.  Once used, it is gone forever. The creation of artificial trees uses energy and creates pollution during the production process.  Artificial trees are not biodegradable.