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Douglas Fir

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 (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is the traditional Christmas tree species from Oregon and has been produced in the Pacific Northwest since the 1920’s, when most Christmas trees came from the forest. Back then, Douglas fir and Scotch Pine were quite often the only two types of Christmas trees available. Douglas fir still remain one of the most commonly used Christmas trees species in the United States.

Grand Fir

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(Abies grandis) Christmas trees are the hands-down favorite of this Oregon Christmas tree grower and many others because they are so beautiful and wonderfully fragrant. In Los Angeles Grand Fir have remained steadily popular for over 20 years with folks who savor the scent of Christmas in their homes.

Silver Tip

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(Abies Magnifica) Christmas tree is native to the high elevations in California. It has long been a favorite since the 1920′s, known on the West Coast as the Cadillac of Christmas trees. The trees slow growth and open growth pattern makes this a holiday favorite for decorating. The name “Silver Tip” refers to the color and placement of the needles. The blue-green color on the tips of the branches is a different color then the interior green of the tree giving the appearance of the silver tipped branch. It has excellent keep ability, and very stiff branched to hold the heaviest of ornaments.


Nordmann Fir

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(Abies nordmanniana) originate from the Caucasus Mountains, south and east of the Black Sea in the Republic of Georgia and northern Turkey. Nordmann Fir is a new type of Christmas tree in America but has been used for many years in Europe, and is one of the most commonly grown Christmas tree species in Germany and Norway. Closely related to Turkish Fir, Nordmann Fir have been grown experimentally in Oregon for the last twenty years and today’s superior seed sources and improved production methods have produced absolutely beautiful long lasting Christmas trees.

Noble Fir

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(Abies procera) is simply the best Christmas tree grown anywhere in the world! In Los Angeles Noble Fir is now our most popular Christmas tree. Noble Fir Christmas trees were once a minor species outside of Oregon but starting in the 1960’s and 1970’s they gradually became known in California and other West Coast markets. Since the 1990’s demand throughout the United States has risen steadily and Noble Fir is now the most popular Christmas tree in the western United States.

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